Business Applications

ABIRK has developed a platform of applications that connect to device data, enabling viewing, exploration, and advanced data analysis. IoT (Internet of Things) is based on device interconnection, data collection, and cloud storage. ‘Edge Computing’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ software modules perform calculations and analysis to generate alerts, counters, real-time data processing, custom diagnostic rules, condition-based logging, AI rule engines, and more.


- Remote Monitoring and Tracking (rail vehicles, systems, installations, environmental)
- Diagnostics and Prognostics (rail vehicles, systems, installations, environmental)
- Data Mining for the extraction of information from the data
- Analytical engines
- Condition Based and Predictive Maintenance applications
- Control rooms
- Environmental Monitoring applications
- Plant monitoring applications
- Telemedicine applications (remote patient monitoring)
- Fleet Monitoring applications


- Automatic scheduling of maintenance tasks
- ECM processes for the management of activities
- Management of service requests and activities reports
- Warehouse management
- Mobile Application for Maintenance
- Asset Management Applications
- Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Monitoring


- Server Farm (Swiss) & Cloud Computing (international)
- Design and development of database SQL and NO-SQL
- Design and development of client and server applications (Windows and Linux)
- Design of Web applications and portals (Windows and Linux)
- Design and implementation of distributed architectures
- Server/Client and real time architectures
- App development (Android, Apple, Windows)
- Applications based on QR-Code, RFID, NFC
- Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality applications


- Virtual Reality Training Systems
- E-learning platform
- Office Automation
- Application for management of company process (Purchases, Selling, Production, HR, Accounting, etc.)

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